3D City Modelling

3D City Modelling

The 3D city model is based on geodata, DEMs (digital elevation models), orthophotos, buildings from survey maps, architecture models, vegetation data, land-use plans etc.

which are increasingly available in an up-to-date, area-wide and high quality manner for the whole urban area. With the integration of these different data sources, the city model can be used for a wide range of applications and therefore be helpful for making urban planning and administration processes more up to date and transparent.

VRK IT Vision uses very high end 3D city modeling software’s which do most of the job automatically with very high efficiency and quality. Following are the areas where 3D modeling is widely used.

City & County development planning

Planning & Design

Municipal management System

Residential Planning

Environment protection systems

Land use management

Natural resource exploration and management

Real estate development and management